Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Five - The Misgivings of Cedric

Unfortunately, due to my own incompetence, I have lost the writings of what happened between the 11th of March and 23rd of March while trying to escape the clutches of some irate nobleman whose name, for the sake of honor, shall not be mentioned, so the only knowledge I have of those events is what I can recall from memory. I am terribly sorry for the line of events, but you cannot be a dashingly handsome adventurer without having an admirer chasing you around the world

Basically, the party rid themselves of the sword that cleaved off Kardry’s foot, and used a fair sum of the money to pay for a peg-leg. A peculiar form of justice, but still just as fair. Afterwards, the party made a deal with the local lord for the supplies for Solstar with the help of Jack, and a few days later they made their way back to Solstar.

Upon arriving in Solstar, they were informed that a feast was to be held in two days, on Oluf’s nameday, as a matter of fact. The feast sure was a grand thing, with lords and ladies, wenches and greasers, foodstuffs and drink; anything a good feast needs. The occasion was truly one to celebrate as well, namely the saviors of Solstar, our heroic friends Oluf, Kilik, and Kardry.

During the afterparty, Oluf ended up having a great time, perhaps getting a bit too tipsy, even for a dwarf, although the ladies didn’t seem to mind, and with the power of 69, he managed to land in bed with not only one, but two noblewomen. The rest of the party did not have much success, however, and all Kilik managed to do was be labeled a creep.

The following day Oluf spent most of his day basking in his glory, while the rest of the party were sulking in their rooms and pissing on translators. Yet the Gods were not satisfied with Oluf’s glory, and sent a man to challenge his honor. Obviously the man stood no chance against the might of his Great Axe, resulting him running home and blaming the wounds on a hobgoblin assault. In the middle of the town square. Next to dozens of witnesses. Yeah, that didn’t fly so well with his father.

Directly after the battle, a strangely sinister robed man approached the party, impressed by their prowess, and offered them their very first proper quest. Not knowing of any negative consequences, and intrigued by the thought of a purse filled with gold, the party duly accepted.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard



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