Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Six - Tomb Raiders Part 1

After accepting the mission to raid a tomb for a magical sword from a mystical employee, the party battles their way through the southern Meerlands.

Day 34, 23rd of March 737 PC

After regaining their wits, the party headed back to Zeke’s Herald, where they had a drink and clumped up in front of Oluf’s bedroom, where the suspected Wizard was to have placed something for them. As Oluf tried to open the door, he found that something was holding the door in place. Confused, he pushed the door open with all his might, revealing that it was a chest that was blocking the door.

Once done pondering over how the hell their employee managed to place a chest directly in front of the door and still make it out, they opened the chest to find it filled with potions, arrows, and a flask of fire oil, which was then split amongst the party. In the bottom of the chest lay a parchment detailing their quest, and on the back of the parchment was a map detailing the location of the tomb. The party, now sure of what to do, set out the following morning.

Day 35, 24th of March 737 PC

Thankfully little action was to be had on the first day, and the party spent most of the day travelling and arguing.

Day 36, 25th of March 737 PC

Around noon, the party met up on a caravan of merchants who offered to sell them various sorts of equipment. Most of the party satisfied their inventories with new armour, a great helm, and a fine grappling hook, while Kardry was saltily disappointed with the merchants’ lack of forks and glaives. Afterwards their travels proceeded as usual, until they sat down and camped for the night.

During Poldo’s nightly shift, the party received a visit from some odd forty red eyes peering from the distance. Quietly, the roguish halfling woke up the party and informed them of what was happening. Preparing for combat, Kilik put on his full Chain Mail, while Oluf only donned his shield and axe. Sure enough, a few minutes later a pack of kobolds charged at the party.

Getting quite used to this by now, Kardry reacted by surrounding the area in a circle of grease, while the rest of the party stood their ground. With the kobolds coming at them in waves, the party valiantly fought off the first few that managed to reach the party, fully aware that the battle had barely begun. Hoping to crush the morale of our heroes, suddenly a dozen of the kobolds wrought their assault up the hill, with many of them falling to the might of grease. Hoping to take the brunt of the attack, Oluf Copperstout bravely ventured forward to meet their charge head on.

Meanwhile, Kardry and Kilik were stuck in their own battle with a few outsiders. Dominating the battle, Kilik bashed in heads left, right, and center. Not to discredit Kardry, but his moment to shine was not ‘till a wee while later. Just as Kilik finished cleaning up his piece of the battlefield, Oluf was perilously stuck in melee combat with nine kobolds, which even for a dwarf of his stature, is something only a few survive. Especially so if they aren’t wearing any armor.

Close to being surrounded, Oluf saw no way out of this battle, so if he was to die, he wanted to die with kobold blood on his hands. Cleaving his way through the masses, he managed to decapitate the most threatening ones before returning to a defensive stance. Spying all of this from across the battlefield, Kilik realized the gravity of the situation that his fellow dwarf was in, and scurried across the battlefield as fast as his dwarf legs could carry him.

Hoping to deliver the a crushing blow to the party’s morale, the remainder of the kobolds charge up from behind, threatening to flank the group. With the onslaught oncoming and with no spells left in his arsenal, Kardry saw no way out of this mess than to throw his Oil of Fiery Burning at the mass of kobolds. Giving the throw of his frail lifetime, he landed the glass bottle perfectly in the middle of the tiny army, exploding on impact and turning the tide of the battle.

During roughly the same time-frame, Kilik also had his own fun with fire, summoning a flaming hammer to sunder the kobolds with the might of Doran. When trying to deliver the finishing blow to the party, the devious rats ended up receiving it themselves. Seeing their comrades massacred by the dozens and Oluf still standing strong proved too much, so the remaining few turned the other way and ran for their lives. Victory was to be the party’s, once again.

Actual wizardly-recorded footage of the battle

Day 37, 26th of March 737 PC

After letting their adrenaline rushes fade off, the party caught a few hours of sleep before returning to their travels. Half-asleep, the party found their way to Serpentsbridge, one of the larger bridges crossing the river over to the town of Jagged. Naturally, upon hearing the name of the bridge one would immediately grow very suspicious.

Being the logical non-dwarven weaklings that Kardry and Poldo are, you’d think they’d actually possess some sense of critical thinking to realise that a common bridge probably wouldn’t try to kill them. If so, you’d be disappointed to know that that is exactly what they believed, imagining milky snakes flowing through the marble of the bridge, ready to set their fangs into their guts. The indifferent dwarves, on the other hand just walked straight over the bridge, beckoning for the rest of the party to follow. Reluctantly, they also eventually made it safely across the bridge.

After wasting literally minutes on crossing the Serpentsbridge, the party soon found their way to the tiny mountainous town of Jagged, where they booked their rooms and dined before heading out to town. Kardry, still wanting his French Fork, took a trip to the local blacksmith who offered to build him this foreign weapon. Unfortunately, Kardry learned that smithing a weapon is a tedious and time-consuming process, and he would not be able to have it ready sooner than in two weeks. Politely declining, Kardry made his way back to the inn along with the party to catch some well-earned rest.

Day 38, 27th of March 737 PC

Waking up in the morn, the party consulted the map to find directions for the tomb, hoping they weren’t too far off track. Sure enough they proved to be only a few hours away.

Arriving at the Giant’s Craw, the party took their time to survey the area. Poldo ended up spying the tomb up on a pile of rocks, probably placed by a recent landslide. Our Halfling friend was not the only one spying in the area, though, and not long after they found themselves in combat with a small mounted patrol of an unknown allegiance, seemingly guarding the tomb.

Doing what he does best, Kardry covered the battlefield in grease, while Kilik commanded one of the soldiers to go berserk, causing massive confusion in their ranks. The one who proved to be the leader slashed his sword through his comrade’s shoulder before sliding through the grease, leaving his entire patrol on the ground. Eventually one of them managed to flee the grease-field. His victory proved to be short-lived, however, as Poldo pierced a burning arrow through his throat.

By now, the mounted leader had reached the party, getting ready to slash his sword down on them. Oluf and Kardry, standing shoulder to shoulder were getting ready to land a counter-attack, hoping to unhorse him. Regrettably, he knew exactly what was was coming. Skilfully he steered his horse away, faking out the retreat, before charging into first Olaf, delivering a nasty blow to his sword arm, then getting another blow in on Poldo.

Further forward, Kilik had found himself a target of his own. Where before the dwarven cleric only had the chance to battle puny monsters and bandits of the worst kind, his opponent proved to be a well-equipped and trained rogue, dancing with daggers of eastern origin. Savouring the moment, Kilik cautiously duelled him, waiting for the trickster to make the first mistake.

Seeing his nearest group members being filleted, Kardry lured the horseman to run in the other direction by taunting him while using ventriloquism. Finally having been given a breath of fresh air, Kardry and Oluf charged forward, hoping to catch the one scout still lying in the pile of grease off guard. Unfortunately, the taunt didn’t last as long as he had planned, and Kardry was caught unaware with a cut slicing open his back, leaving him unconscious and bleeding out. Consumed by calm fury, Oluf cleaved his axe into the mane of the horse, causing the rider to spill on the ground. Performing his signature move, Oluf left the leader in two pieces before charging off to the grease-pile.

Although an honorable man, Kilik is not a patient man. After parrying and blocking for what seemed like an eternity, and his opponent returning the favour, Kilik did not feel like stalling the battle any longer. Raising his fist in the air and shouting a prayer, his hand started to blacken, swallowed by pure iron. With all the might in his bulky arms, he propelled his fist into the scoundrel, causing him to stagger. Thinking Kilik vulnerable he went in for a full assault, which ended up leaving himself as the vulnerable one. Having waited all day for this moment, Kilik shield-bashed him to the ground, leaving him open for the finishing blow. Truly satisfied with the battle, he said a short prayer before cracking his skull open.

Hoping to end the battle, lest Kardry suffer a terrible fate, Oluf made quick work of the one remaining grease-laden soldier by cleaving off his arms, before running back to the bleeding elf. Kilik and Poldo soon followed. Hoping that priestly magic would do the trick, Kilik gave Kardry a short tap on the shoulder, closing some of the wounds. Realizing that that wasn’t enough, Oluf forcefed him a Healing Potion. Not long after Kardry was gasping for air.

As you would expect of the short party, long arguments soon continued over what and where and who gets to loot. Thankfully, the party made up their minds before yet another patrol came after them, and the party left with their pockets full of gold and backpacks heavy with magical equipment, ready to continue on.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard



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