Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season Two, Session One - Let's Give This Another Try

Hoping to find some work, the party ends up beating the shit out of each other.

Day 1, 1st of April 737 PC

After a series of trials involving some uproarious chavs, a bit of careless whispering, and a grand duel, Daggrum Oathbeard found himself in a forest clearing. Beside him stood the noble blackguard Rossart Crowl. Being the greedy oppressive scum that they are, their first thought was to get out of the forest as fast as possible, not taking even a moment to enjoy their surroundings.

As one would expect, getting out of the forest proved not to be an easy feat, and soon they came upon a damsel in distress battling an Owlbear. More than four seconds later, the vicious creature lay dead at the hands of Rossart Crowl. Smelling the blood of his mistress’ enemies, a bulldog soon appeared with a flask of ale. Enjoying the fact that peasants do all the work for her, even slaying owlbears, Anulia Glewiel emptied the flask.

Hoping to get back to the civilized world, free of lowly dwarves, Anulia sent her pet off to find a nearby town. After exchanging some (un)pleasantries, Rossart Crowl chased after the bulldog. The dwarf and the damsel followed behind, but quickly lost chase. A short while later, Rossart Crowl found himself in a tavern, where he sat down and got something to drink. After what felt like an eternity, Anulia and Daggrum eventually found themselves by the forest border. Completely exhausted, Daggrum dropped to the floor. Not caring for such scum, Anulia made her way to the tavern.

Day 2, 2nd of April 737 PC

Although it took some convincing, Anulia eventually showed Rossart where his dwarven partner lay unconscious. One would think Daggrum would be happy to be “rescued”, but nay. An argument between the two adventurers soon erupted, escalating to the point where Daggrum lost all his money and Rossart ended up spending a night in jail. Somehow, the dwarf managed to restrain himself from ending the blackguard’s life then and there.

Possibly intoxicated by the rush of adrenaline, Anulia, Rossart, and Daggrum ended up agreeing to work together. How this would end up working, neither of them knew for sure.



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