Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Four - Maybe This Time He'll Learn

One particular elf did not seem to have learned too much from the last chapter, maybe this’ll sharpen him up.

Day 18, 7th of March 737 PC

After sleeping through the night after the preceding day’s battle, the party make their way towards Solstar, where they are given a proper showing of gratitude. Unfortunately because of the devastation of the town, there is a great lack of supplies, preventing them from holding a proper feast. Therefore the party was requested to escort the merchant Kale to the nearby city of Eastpine, so that he may strike a deal with the lords of Eastpine for some supplies. Along with the party Kale also recruited four other men to help guard the caravan that was to leave the following morning.

Day 19, 8th of March 737 PC

The party chats, travels, and dines with the caravan.

Day 20, 9th of March 737 PC

After spending half of the day travelling, Kale suddenly hushes the party to a sudden stop right before a clearing. Coming into the clearing from the other side is another party, led by a bulky warrior clad in heavy armor. Kale remains calm and tells the party to stay calm while he heads out to talk to them. After some loud shouting back and forth, seemingly about a magical ring, the party quickly realize this will soon escalate into combat, and charge towards them.

This battle proved to be the closest they had ever come to their match yet, with both sides taking grievous losses. While Oluf and Kilik were busy in the frontlines along with Kale and the mercenaries, Kardry attempted his grease into flint and steel combo yet again, this time to quite unpleasant results.

Where previously his target would be scorching in agony, the front-man of the opposing party, Jarr, took a mighty strike at Kardry, cleaving his left calf half-way through, leaving him completely incapacitated for the time being.

Their misfortune did not just end at that, however. While attempting to protect what remained of Kardry, Jack chose for Kale and Kilik to be his next targets. Proving his power, Jack plunged his sword rampantly towards the party, gutting them to the dust one by one until only Oluf remained. In fierce combat, Jack was eventually struck down by the mighty axe of Oluf Copperstout, but it was not without the loss of Kale and many of his mercenary comrades.

Still fueled by the adrenaline rush of the battle, Oluf then pulled Kilik, Kardry, and a lone surviving mercenary into the caravan. Not long after, Kilik came to his senses again, and managed to stabilize and wake most of them. By most, I mean everything except Kardry’s leg, which seemed to darken by the second. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Kardry asked for Oluf to cleave his leg clean off with his axe, so that what seemed like an infection was not to spread.

The sight of this was too much to bear for the surviving sellsword, whose name was revealed to be Jack, and he ran out puking. The rest of the night did not prove to be any easier, but luckily Kilik managed to get some sleep and regenerate his spells, much to Kardry’s benefit.

Day 21, 10th of March 737 PC

Looking to get some more help for Kardry, the party rushes to Eastpine together with Jack. Well, rushing is mayhaps not the best word to describe it, but they were going as fast as they could.

Day 22, 11th of March 737 PC

Eventually they do make it to Eastpine where they don’t spend a minute wailing around and head right for the nearest craftsman. Sure enough, they managed to strike a deal for Kardry to have fitted a wooden peg-leg for the modest sum of ten gold pieces.



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