Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Three - Our Heroes Learn of Consequence

All decisions have consequences, whether major or minor the decision. This our heroes experience first hand.

Day 11, 28th of February 737 PC

The party makes way out of The Lost Woods and rest for the night by the edge of the forest.

Day 12, 1st of March 737 PC

After resting the party makes way for Solstar to retrieve their reward from the alchemist and check up on Poldo.

Day 13, 2nd of March 737 PC

The party spends the majority of the day travelling and end up just a few hours to the west of Solstar.

Day 14, 3rd of March 737 PC

The party wakes up after a good night of sleep, cracking jokes and telling stories while breaking the nightly fast, and proceed to journey into the village of Solstar. Peering into the village from the outside reveals nothing suspicious, and the party enters looking to find the alchemist. Most curiously, the party finds not a single soul or a voice upon entry, and raise their guard cautiously while venturing deeper into the town centre.

Doing what your stereotypical High Elf does best, Kardry thinks himself superior to anything that could be lurking in the city and runs forward alone into the marketplace without breaking a single rib— quite unfortunate if you ask me. Sure enough, the marketplace proved to be equally dead as the city outskirts—actually it was even more dead, as Kardry would find out in just a minute.

Being the opportunistic man that Kardry is, he takes the opportunity to scavenge the marketplace for some supplies, but upon getting closer he notices that what he earlier thought was just some suits of armour out on display, were actually slain town militia. The now not so arrogant elf returns hurryingly back to the party and informs them what he saw.

Being the brave souls that they are, our heroes venture back into the marketplace for further inspection, finding even more corpses which confirmed their suspicions that the attackers were demihuman, possibly goblins. After spending a good five minutes searching the bodies, the party hears clanging of metal coming from north of the city, plausibly the barracks.

As they get closer and closer to the barracks, the noise amplifies and amplifies in volume, climaxing as they come upon a band of goblins led by an ogre assaulting the barracks, confirm that the battle is indeed not yet over, although hundreds look to have died. The party hesitates for a second, but Oluf sees no other option that trying to save the remaining populace, and charges forward with the party following behind.

While going for his first slash, Oluf manages to cut deeply into the Ogre’s thigh, nearly incapacitating it and allowing our heroes to focus on finishing the hobgoblins first. Fighting alongside them were four young and brave townguards; regrettably one of them was slain by a bulky hobgoblin at the heat of battle. By combining the might of the party and the remaining guards, the defenders slaughtered the entirety of the hobgoblin battalion whilst the Ogre bled out.

Hoping to clear things up, Kardry approaches one of the guards, inquiring him about the attack. After taking time to catch his breath, the guard explains that what remains of the city is held up inside the town hall, and that he best talk to someone in charge.

Upon entry the party finds an elderly nobleman ranting to what appeared to the major. There are various interpretations of what the nobleman said, but it is believed to be regarding the city holding back its military too long, and that this could have been avoided if but a small party of a few adventurers would have scouted this attack coming. Oluf especially seemed to congitate strongly over this matter, perhaps to the point of feeling guilt for declining a job at the barracks.

The party is thenceforth gestured to approach the mayor, who expresses his deepest gratitude, but remains stern on the fact that the goblin threat is yet to be dealt with. He calls over a cleric who proceeds to give Oluf and Kilik some gentle rubs to ease their pain. Knowing there will be a time to ask questions later, the party remains silent and is equipped with horses and proceeds to ride towards The Cowering Hills where they were informed that the final goblin forces remained.

Day 15, 4th of March 737 PC

The party spends the day travelling swiftly, only allowing a few short breaks for rest.

Day 16, 5th of March 737 PC

Yet again the party gallop hurryingly on horseback while Kilik heals the party to pristine health.

Day 17, 6th of March 737 PC

When coming upon The Cowering Hills and nearing the suspected goblin hideout, the party rests until evening to allow for a more stealthy approach. The final hour or so would be up a steep hill through a dense forest, thus the party deemed it best to leave the horses behind when they prowled towards the goblins.

After a while the party spots a hobgoblin patrolling a clearing; unsure if he spotted them they quickly duck behind trees, waiting to see what happens. With adrenaline rushing through their veins, the party hears the hobgoblin steps getting further and further away. Believing their presence was unnoticed, the party agrees to ambush the guard when he returns on his patrol route. Sure enough, the guard returns but a few minutes later, and the party prepares for attack.

Quite unfortunately for the party, the second they charge forward against the patrolling guard, a pack of half a dozen other Hobgoblins are revealed charging towards the party, and combat ensues. The battle was long and hard-fought, but the real interesting part was in the very end when Kardry bested a reinforcing Hobgoblin Shaman Chief.

The battle was looking rather grim, with our soon™ to be legends being heavily outnumbered with opponents both bulkier and larger than them, when Kardry had a grand idea, which he often—cough, has. At the time of battle, Oluf and Kilik were fending of most of the infantry whilst Kardry had the shaman all for himself.

Wielding great power, the chief held up his grandiose warhammer, enchanting it with a tree bark covering, ready to smash it upon Kardry’s frail head. Performing what now could be considered as Kardry’s signature trick, he cast grease upon the chieftain, proceeded to run off behind him to pick up a torch, and promptly immolated the shaman. With the shaman falling, so fell his warhammer to the ground, and with the warhammer lay a finely gem-crested ring.

This inspired great fear in the hobgoblin infantry; the fact that a measly elf could set ablaze their greatest chieftain in the midst of battle, and the tides were turned into almost an easy victory—well, except for a certain incident with a dwarven cleric, which for the sake of epicness shalt not be further detailed.



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