Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Two - Hobgoblins...

Very little information was to be had of this particular adventure, thus my storyelling suffers greatly.

Day 3, 20th of February 737 PC

The party spends the majority of the day walking towards Solstar with some rest in between.

Day 4, 21st of February 737 PC

While travelling towards Solstar, the party is ambushed by a band of five hobgoblins. Kilik is majorly wounded and uncontious, but with the might of Oluf’s battle axe and Kardry’s intelligence, the party manages to fend off the hobgoblins and make Kilik’s condition stable.

Day 5, 22nd of February 737 PC

The party spends their day drinking and resting at The Leaky Tit. Oluf makes some dwarven friends.

Day 6, 23rd of February 737 PC

Kardry sells off a Battle Axe, and Oluf purchases a Great Axe.

Day 7, 24th of February 737 PC

Kilik awakens, but the party spends another day resting.

Day 8, 25th of February 737 PC

The party gets a job at the local alchemist to gather some Shadowling herbs in The Lost Woods for fifty gold. Poldo Shadowbrew falls sick and cannot join the party for the next few days.

Day 9, 26th of February 737 PC

They rest for a final day to prepare for finding The Leeching Lake deep in The Lost Woods.

Day 10, 27th of February 737 PC

The party, with exception of Poldo, spends the majority of the day travelling.

Day 11, 28th of February 737 PC

After a lot of creeping around, our heroes find The Leeching Lake together with a few brushes of Shadowling. While picking the herbs, the party is ambushed by five skeletons whom they made quick work of with the help of Kilik’s holy powers.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard



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