Cedric Geddarm

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Naturally amazing at everything he does.


A roguish magician known for his neatly trimmed beard, stylish beret, and acid tongue, Cedric is a striking feature throughout the Realms—a brief feature, since his honesty in reporting often puts him at odds with the local merchants, constabulary, and wizards. He has written a number of works, including a popular series of guides to various cities and “Cedric’s Guide to All Things Magical", a suppressed work dealing with magic “for the common people”. Cedric is an eminent sage who concerns himself with wizards and with the geography and lore of the Realms.

As a result, he is a fountain of knowledge on subjects and more than willing to share the juiciest portions with whoever will listen. Therefore Cedric must move around frequently in order to stay alive, which adds to his storehouse of information on geography. Heroes may find Cedric anywhere in the Realms, usually on the run from this irate wizard or that angry innkeeper.

Cedric Geddarm

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