A variety of Gods and Deities are worshipped throughout Irraglin. Generally people acknowledge the existence of all The Seven Gods, but choose a particular one to worship. Of course not everyone agrees to this, and thus exotic cultures have their own set of deities. There are also lesser gods, but their number is higher than one can count and their strength ranges from near one of The Seven to the strength of a water spirit.

Aralynne: Goddess of Fertility, Curiosity, Wine, and Growth. Good Aligned. Wife of Staerith. The most worshiped Deity, fit for farmers, hedonists and drunkards alike. Represented by a cornucopia flowing with wine.

Doran: God of Craftsmanship, Courage and Justice. Good Aligned. Primarily worshipped by dwarves, but places of worship exist all throughout Irraglin. Often represented by lightning crossing over a hammer.

Ursong: God of War, Anger, Unity, Joy, Hatred and Raw Emotion. Neutral Aligned. Ursong is the primary god of emotion, though with positive emotion also comes negative emotion, and therefore conflict and war. He is often misconstrued as an evil God, though this is untrue as he is mostly humble, neutral and fair, as well as having no motives other than to see life and his worshipers flourish. He is represented by a bloodied claw.

Staerith: The God of Wisdom, Control, and overgod of all other gods. Neutral Aligned. Husband of Aralynne. Rarely mingles with other gods or uses his powers, but is known to make gods mortal if they do not worship and tribute to him. Represented by a golden scale.

Caerus: God of Luck, Fortune, and Opportunism. Neutral Aligned. Mottos include “Finder’s Keepers”, and “Every Man For Himself”. Many think of it as a mystery how he is still one of The Seven, some say it’s pure luck. Represented by two arrows going in opposite directions, to symbolize uncertainty.

Velthara: The Goddess of Vengeance, Wrath and Jealousy. Evil Aligned. She is sometimes depicted as a two headed serpent: One head breathing fire, the other breathing frost. Represented by a black hand.

Kularid: God of the Underworld and the Undead. Evil Aligned. As a youth, he was a just man and was given the honor to keep control over the Underworld and the Undead with it, but was corrupted over time. Represented by a green skull.

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