Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Seven - Tomb Raiders Part 2

The party concludes that friendship is the one thing every adventuring band needs, before proceeding to try and kill each other off by fist-fighting on a rooftop.

Day 38, 27th of March 737 PC

Wasting no time, the party got their sit together and quickly started climbing the landslide up to the tomb. Giving literally no fucks Kardry immediately charges forward to the tomb entrance, attempting to open the door. As you would expect, the party was soon met with fiery doom in the form of a missile, burning Kardry and Kilik to a crisp.

Although Poldo and Oluf would rather just leave the imbeciles behind, something deep in their soul made them head over and pour them some health potions. When the party finally finished talking shite, an ancient voice soon swept over them, greeting them with a riddle. Of course no one who’ll ever read this actually gives a damn about the riddle, so we’ll just jump to the interesting part where Kardry pronounces that friendship is the best quality a party can have, solving the riddle.

Upon entering the mural, Kardry noticed a peculiar set of beautiful murals upon the side walls, depicting two battlefields led by kings wielding a mighty sword. Although he did not recognise a particular battle or king, he did recognise that the sword could not be anything but the Githyanki longsword Giventhar. Remembering what their original mission was, he quickly deduced that it probably is the sword they are to retrieve, informing the party thereof.

For some inconceivable reason, the party thought that this would be an excellent time to settle down and take a quick nap in the middle of the wizard tomb that they are graverobbing. With the heroic party being heavily wounded at this point, the gods did not want to punish them for their foolishness, but justice demands retribution, so the party was ambushed during the nighttime. And again. And then again again. Instead of reaching for the logical conclusion “Holy shit, maybe we should rest someplace that isn’t full of things that want to kill us,” the party foolishly decides to venture further into the tomb in no better condition than at dusk.

Day 39, 28th of March 737 PC

Traversing past the murals, our fellowship came upon a dome-shaped room, lit by a disk in the centre of the room. A white flash engulfed the room, and three monsters charged towards the party. One of them a fiery snake, another a Dust Devil, and the third a truly menacing Sandling.

Hoping to tank the brunt of the attack, Kilik and Oluf met the charge head-on, while Kardry and Poldo took up position behind them. Slashing his mighty axe downwards, Oluf cleaved the snake in half, parrying the Dust Devil when pulling back. Encouraged by his fellow dwarf, Kilik slammed his hammer into the Sandling. The sandling did not flinch, however, and leapt at Kilik, crunching into his side.

Not being able to take the sight of his dear dwarven teddybear friend bitten in half, Kardry limped into battle, wielding nothing but his bare fists. Although melee combat had added nothing but injury to the elf’s self-confidence, today proved to be his day. Kneeling down, Kardry slapped his hands on top of the Dust Devil, causing it to riposte. Although completely unarmored and lacking a foot, he dodged the attack masterfully. Poldo had till now missed every single shot, but managed to land one arrow, glancing the cheek of the Dust Devil. One more slap was all it would take, and Kardry proved his worth. Yet again, he knelt down gracefully, slapping the Dust Devil with all his elvish fury, causing it to shriek and vanish into thin air.

Unfortunately, Kardry’s victory proved to be short-lived, and within seconds after defeating the Dust Devil, the Sandling charged at him. Bravely, Kilik tried to defend his comrade, though the wounded cleric proved no match for the monstrous elemental, biting straight into the dwarf’s chest, causing him to drop down unconscious and bleed heavily. Directly after, Kardry met the same fate.

Wanting to end the battle before things got even uglier, Oluf responded by doing the one thing he is good at (Other than dancing) – slamming his axe into monsters. The blow left a heavy gush in the Sandling, but it seemed unmoved and went in for a counter-attack on the dwarf, thrashing his shield arm. At this point Poldo was near out of fire arrows, but kept launching them one after on, missing every single shot. Summoning the last bit of strength inside him, Oluf growled out, echoing throughout the tomb, before landing one final blow on the Sandling. Although close to dead, the Sandling did not hesitate for a second and tore out the last bit of strength Oluf had in him, causing him to drop down next to Kilik.

With Poldo knowing that the fate of the entire party lay his shoulders, and his shoulders only, he pulled out the one thing he knew he could rely on: his dagger. Although any sane rogue would have ran away once the first bodies started dropping, Poldo felt a certain sense of camaraderie, convincing him otherwise to risk his life for people he had barely known for a month. Asking for a death-wish, the tiny halfling scurried into battle with the monstrous Sandling more than triple his size. Being at such an advantage the viper attempted to get the first hit, but Poldo managed to barely evade the attack, stabbing the Sandling as it was repositioning.

Poldo’s roguish luck could unfortunately not last forever, and the Sandling whipped its tail around, causing the halfling to slip down on his back. At this point both of them were too wounded to continue, and each of them gambled on their attacks mortally wounding each other. Certain that it had won the battle, the Sandling shoved it’s mouth downwards to finish off Poldo. Laying helpless on the floor, Poldo saw no proper way out, and held his dagger high, taking a slash at the creature’s throat, critically splatting it open, causing dusty blood to splash over him and his party.

Although the battle was won, the lives of his friends were not safe. Panicking, Poldo searched every backpack and force-fed everyone one healing potion each. Within seconds, the party’s wounds cleared up, but only Kardry woke up. Hoping to be able to scavenge some supplies to patch up the dwarves, the two of them explored deeper into the tomb. As they exited the room they were in they were greeted by a statue depicting a boy, wearing a silver disc around his neck. Inexplicably, Kardry tore of the disc and tossed it at Poldo, who failed to catch it. As the disc exploded into a thousand pieces, the elf ran back into the previous room, dropping down next to all the corpses.

Believing that his one and only remaining friend in this world had deserted him, Poldo lowered his shoulders, saying a prayer to a god he does not even worship. Although he was completely exhausted at this point, not having slept for two days and fought for hours on end, he pulled out the tiny bit of willpower inside him and dragged the two dwarves out to the sunlight, hoping that they would wake up. His thoughtfulness proved to be of no use however.

With Kardry offering no help, possibly being dead as well, Poldo figured this would be the last time he’d ever see his brothers in arms. One small halfling had no chance at getting two bulky dwarves to the nearest town. As heartbroken as a thief of his stature could ever be, Poldo said his final goodbyes to the dwarven duo. With shoulders hanging low, he slowly started walking towards Jagged, turning his back to look at them one last time. Instead of being greeted by the smile of Oluf, Poldo saw Kardry charging at him. Not believing Kardry would cause him any harm, Poldo waited up for him. His assumption about Kardry unfortunately proved wrong. As the elf caught up to Poldo, he tried to slam his fist down on the half-man. Not getting a good vibe from his former friend-who-now-tries-to-possibly-kill-him, the halfling sprinted as fast as he could away. Having to walk with a stump, Kardry knew there was no way he would ever catch up to Poldo, so he turned back towards the dwarves.

After behaving completely irrationally for a while, possibly due to lack of sleep, Kardry chose his side and stuck to it for once, taking a seat beside the dwarves out in the heat. After caring for them for what seemed like an eternity, Oluf woke up to a setting sun. Minutes after, Kilik followed. Kardry did not really seem to care to explain the situation, and dragged them along to Jagged as soon as possible. Upon arriving in Jagged in the late hours of the evening, the party rented the room in the nearest inn and slept like logs.

Poldo had arrived in town many hours earlier, and had taken the time to completely revamp his appearance. The halfling who was once blonde-haired in scruffy clothing, was now a brunet in ravishingly colourful clothing. No amount of money would be able to rid him of his red eyes, at least not in the small town of Jagged. Lastly, there was only one tavern in the entire town, so he tried to keep a low profile while eating his daily meals.

Waking up on the morn, Kardry was determined to see Poldo dead for leaving the party behind, and approached the first band of fighters he found in the tavern. After some discussion back and forth, they agreed to look for Poldo if Kardry payed up front. Blinded by rage, he figured it worth the risk and money, handing them a tidy sum of gold after explaining his side of the story to the party. Not trusting the mercenaries completely, Kardry went out to town to continue the search himself while the dwarves stayed behind in the bar.

After having a bit too many drinks, Oluf took it upon himself to survey the tavern for any pretty ladies. Unfortunately for his libido. Taking notice of this, Kilik figured this would be a good moment to reveal his one secret to his dwarven friend. Back when the two had first met, Kilik had been introduced to one of Oluf’s sisters, Hilda. The two of them ended up hitting off, eventually leading to some of the old sexy time. Completely shocked, Oluf may or may not have shed some tears, but ended up taking it quite well. He definitely required a refill of his drink afterwards, however.

When trying find some lady to drown his sorrows in, Oluf ended up recognizing a small halfling amongst the crowd. Unsure of where Poldo’s loyalties lay, the dwarf charged foward and bashed Poldo to the ground. It took a few moments for Poldo to realize what the hell was going on, but eventually he convinced Oluf to let go of his grip so that the halfling could explain his side of the story. For all Poldo knew, the party had no chance at making a recovery, with Kardry seemingly wanting to slaughter him for some unknown reason, forcing him to run into hiding and change his appearance. The dwarves were never completely trusting of Kardry’s story, but this really made them sympathize with the halfling moreso than the elf.

Hoping to clear things up, the three of them went looking for Kardry around town, ending up finding on the roof of a general store. Having none of Poldo’s excuses, Kardry taunted some nearby townsman, causing him to charge towards the halfling. Oluf and Kilik were set on having this dealt with peacefully, and pushed the man away. Seeing no way of murdering Poldo under these circumstances, Kardry challenged him to a man on man fist fight on the roof. If Kardry won he would have the right to take Poldo’s life, but if Poldo won he’d be the one to decide the fate of Kardry.

As you would expect, this battle was one of legend. On one side you had a shady halfling accused of betraying his friends, and on the accuser’s side, an elven stump-legged wizard who barely could stand upright from being so heavily wounded. Hoping that justish would prevail that day, Kardry went for the first strike, but standing not even a meter tall, Poldo dodged the attack easily. Somehow, Kardry evaded Poldo’s counter-attack just as masterfully. The battle raged on for what seemed like an eternity, going back and forth and back and forth.

By now a large crowd had formed around the shop, cheering for either side. ’twas not every day you got to see a party on a rooftop in a small town like Jagged. Of course, no one had any bloody idea what was happening, and the newcomers were just told some lunatics were jousting in single combat on a flipping roof.

Standing this high above ground, one mistake could easily mean the loss of their frail lives. Considering that, you would think the both of them would carefully plan their moves; Kardry seemed to disagree, going in for a slap whenever he had the chance. Poldo realized this dearly, but he was way more comfortable letting loose arrows than brawling with someone so much taller than him, and waited for the perfect moment. As both sides were tiring out, the battle moved closer and closer to the edge. Believing he could just drag the light halfling off the roof, Kardry limped towards the halfling as fast as he could. Unfortunately for him, this situation was all-too-perfect for Poldo, ducking low and giving Kardry a shove towards the edge. Most other men would have been able to regain their balance, but Kardry slipped off the ridge and fell down, landing with a thud.

Not being an asshole of the same caliber as his opponent, Poldo dropped down from the roof, calling for Kilik to get a fix on some health potions. Rushing to the nearest alchemist, Kilik returned a few minutes later with a glowing red flask, which he fed Kardry. Gasping for air, the elf seemed a new person, suddenly regarding Poldo as a friend. Not really sure what the hell was going on inside the mind of Kardry, Poldo smiled, giving Kardry a slap on the shoulder.



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