Irraglin - The Age of Carving

Season One, Chapter Eight - ...And An End

After having spent weeks trying to retrieve a magical sword for a shady man, the party’s adventures culminate in a grand battle.

Day 39, 28th of March 737 PC

The party headed back to the tavern and enjoyed some well-deserved rest after the tower battle.

Day 40, 29th of March 737 PC

Most of the day was spent relaxing and purchasing supplies.

Day 41, 30th of March 737 PC

Healin’ up. Kilik got laid.

Day 42, 31st of March 737 PC

After enjoying what would prove to be their last hearty supper, the party packed their stuff and started their journey back to the tomb. Entering the tomb, they were greeted by two soldiers clad in the same uniform as the ones they fought earlier. The party assured them that they meant no harm, but for some reason the men figured it a better deal to attempt to fight the party, rather than avoiding harm. With Oluf’s might, they easily finished them off before suffering any injuries.

Venturing further inside, the party took a turn to right, past the statue that Kilik recognized as a depiction of Caerus, the god of luck. The alleyway ended up leading them into an empty room, seemingly looted. In the middle stood a large archway. Although the archway seemingly had no magical effect at that moment, the party noticed that the rock it was made of was a lot older than the surrounding rock the room was carved out of. Planning to come back later, the party backtracked to the statue and headed in the other direction.

Eventually the party came upon a rather large room, with a coffin dead center in the middle. Above the coffin floated what seemed like the ghost of an old man, sleeping. Poldo took it upon himself to inspect the room closely, finding bodies of previous graverobbers heaped in piles. As he approached the coffin, suddenly a series of creaking noises could be heard, and skeletons and zombies swarmed the party. Hoping to avoid conflict, Poldo tumbled backwards behind the party.

A grand battle followed, with the tides of battle going back and forth. Oluf cleaved his mighty axe, cutting off limbs left and right, truly showcasing his might. Being the just cleric that he was, Kilik smote the undead with all his fury, cracking open the skulls of skeletons. Poldo stayed mostly in the back, loosening arrow after arrow; starting off well, anxiety eventually got to Poldo, making him miss his most critical shots.

Bravely, Kardry stood right in the melee, going toe-to-toe with a zombie, even putting up a good fight. Yet a frail cripple wizard could never win a battle with a well-equipped undead soldier, and eventually he had to bite the dust. Oluf, surrounded by a monster skeleton and a pair of tall zombies, could not stand forever, either, and perished by taking a longsword right through his chest. Around his corpse, he had managed to bring down a series of undead with him, not dying in vain. Seeing his friend dwarf take a fall, Kilik held his ground bravely, but was eventually massacred by the mass. Poldo stood alone in the back, easily having been able to run away, the young halfling risked his life yet again for his friends, holding strong ’till the bitter end. Although there were moments where things looked bright for Poldo, eventually he too crumbled under the might of a monster skeleton.

As every story must have a beginning, it also must have an end. The heroic adventurers who started their journey off risking their lives for the townsfolk of Simstel, then saved the citizens of Solstar from a hobgoblin attack, ended up falling to the remains of a wizard they never even learned the name of. Like thousands of other noble souls, the memories of Oluf Copperstout, Kilik Lawhammmer, Kawaii-Chan, and Poldo Shadowbrew shall all be whisked away in the sands of time.



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