Anulia Glewiel



“I’m on it like ugly on an orc!”

Anulia is a proud noblewoman, standing tall even for a northerner at 175 cm. Although standing tall and skinny, Anulia truly is a sight to look at, although maybe at times you wouldn’t dare. To put it in other terms, Anulia is a true beauty, although definitely a beauty you would not want to be on bad terms with. In fact, you could say she is beauty and beast in one mesmerizing and fierce package.

Growing up in the Meerlandian city of Northedge, bordering the Thaerin city of Greybutter, she was raised a noble, daughter of the local lord. Although not being especially incompetent at anything, she was always overlooked to her older brother Gerry who seemed to steal all the spotlight and attention of her family. Gerry on the other hand was always good to Anulia, and growing up they were the best of friends.

Although most noble families throughout the lands would have their daughters stuck in court all day, the northerners would always teach their woman the ways of combat in the same manner as they would a man. Anulia truly thrived in the martial arts, but definitely did not ignore her womanly duties, taking her every chance to dance at a great ball.

These circumstances have definitely influenced Anulia to be what some might call a stuck-up bitch. Generally she thinks herself superior to most people, not showing a lot of respect until people prove themselves. Of course with Anulia being of a higher statue she never expects these standards of herself, never showing any humility nor being a great champion of justice. She simply does what she thinks she has earned.

There are times when even Anulia questions herself, however. When she takes a good look at her brother basking in his glory, whether in hunting or inscribing or solving great mathematical puzzles, she sometimes feels like she might not be all that, and will never be equal to her brother. Most of the time Anulia manages to snap out of it, but her family seems to fall more and more into that line of thought. Hoping to prove herself for her city, her family, and most of all her brother, Anulia ventured off alone to become a renowned fighter whose glory shall echo back to her hometown.

Anulia Glewiel

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