Daggrum Oathbeard

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Daggrum Oathbeard, formerly of House Endimal, is a brave and menacing noble dwarf, standing roughly 111 cm tall. Of all his bodily assets, the one thing Daggrum prides himself the most in is his ginger beard, embellished by various sorts of trinkets and jewellery. Looking to get right up close in battle, Daggrum is usually seen wearing a thick set of splint mail. Weapons-wise the cleft dwarf is decked out with two sets of hammers and axes, the former called ‘Bane’ and ‘Pain’ and the latter ‘Kiss’ and ‘Hug’, switching between them at will.

As any dwarf from a respectable caste, Daggrum was thrust into combat training at a very early age. When that young, most dwarves lack a proper concept of courage, and take quite slowly to the martial arts. Daggrum on the other hand was a different kind of beast. showcasing a never-ending bloodlust, always looking for a fight. Although such audacity is revered in dwarven society and tales, Daggrum was not fit for the life of a noble blacksmith, and was sent off to the Oathbeard Berserker Lodge in his juvenescent years.

Through long years of training, the Oathbeard newcomer learned to control his fury, allowing him to tap into his berserker rage at will. His will, however, is nothing short of brutal and ferocious in it’s own right. Daggrum never learned to suppress his acrimony, he learned to funnel it, causing him to leave a wake behind anyone who’d stand in his way. This was not to say that Daggrum lacked respect, far from it. There is nothing more holy to him than his Lodge, his braided uncut beard a testament to his willpower.

Looking to make a name for himself and his lodge while unleashing some of the old ultra violence, Daggrum ventured southwards to The Meerlands, seeking fortune in the richer parts of Irraglin.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard

Daggrum Oathbeard

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