Kardry Athelle




“Fear the onii chan.”


Kardry née Kawaii-Chan was never especially intelligent or diligent—although he considered himself both, but he had always wanted to do great things, and for some strange reason he decided that the best way to do that was through magic. Growing up in Miruld among the greatest wizards of the world, the wizard life seemed so laid-back and simple, which is exactly what he wanted, but unfortunately the opposite of reality.

After a few rejections—which he never mentions to anyone, Kardry earned his place as the apprentice of a local Spellcoast magistrate. As is standard practice, he was taught a few basic spells, but set to do mostly paperwork—in case you had not already guessed, Kardry really isn’t a big fan of paperwork. Thinking himself superior to the work that was given him, Kardry tried in his arrogance to cast a third-level spell straight out of his master’s spell book, resulting in major casualties, with Kardry subsequently being fired and paying the even heavier price of having his birth-name Kawaii-Chan revoked—yes, that actually happened. He has since made it his quest to become a grand mage and retrieve his name through a life of adventuring, more out of neccesity than choice , due to no wizard of Miruld ever wanting to see his face again.

Years of living an easy life has given Kardry a small and slender build with flimsy arms, making him your stereotypical eccentric, arrogant, and curious High Elf Mage, only emphasized by his even more stereotypical attire. When granting fellow earthlings the honor of his presence, he is usually seen wearing a long cyan robe fitting of a mage, with flamboyant colors running through the fabric forming intricate patterns and designs which compliment his radiant quarterstaff naturally.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard

Kardry Athelle

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