Kilik Lawhammer



Kilik Lawhammer, son of Kalir Lawhammer, is a proud and righteous dwarf dwelling from the abtly named dwarven town Coldcliff, where he was raised a blacksmith. As is Arctic dwarven nature, he is an adventurous fella’ seeking to find his place in the world of Irraglin, and what better way to do that than through adventuring. Kilik has always been a courageous and inspiring dwarf, whether it be in standing his ground against the odds, or his talent and dedication of striking deals with both dwarven and non-dwarven kin. Trying to make the world a better and fairer place is the spirit that keeps him going forward in life.

Fitting his Righteous and crafty attitude, Kilik is also a proud follower of Doran, The God of Craftsmanship and Justice. He is rather new to the clerical ways, but is determined to become a great cleric and serve Doran faithfully. Kilik doesn’t seek fame, he seeks to deliver justice to the ones who oppose him, his kin, and his god.

After a few weeks of traveling alone over the Thaerin hills, Kilik found himself at the village of Graybutter where he aquainted the Greybutter farmer Oluf Copperstout. After downing a couple tankards together they found out that while they both have different goals in life, they can work together to achieve them. Where Oluf aims to find recipes for use with his precious Greybutter, Kilik wants to communicate the word of justice to other races. He saw no reason not to band together and accompany each other in this adventure.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard


“I am Kilik Lawhammer, son of Kalir Lawhammer, proud cleric ‘o Doran. I’ve got to say I’m not a big fan of your rude attitude, so I might as well bury me’ hammer into yer’ face!”

Kilik Lawhammer

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