Kutar Sherwood



“Fucking Harpies.”

Kutar Sherwood is a fairly voluptuous half-orc, standing strong at 167 cm while weighing roughly 80kg. Originating from the Meerlandian city of Southfalcon, Kutar’s mother Jaina an unfortunate rape victim during a raid some odd twenty years ago, leaving her with the half-orc bastard Kutar. Through and through, Jaina was a good mother to him, taking care of him for many years while resorting to prostitution to stay alive. Most of Jaina’s family cut all contact with her after the orc incident, but her brother Jacob still held ties with Kutar, being some sort of a father figure to him.

Growing up, Kutar found it very hard to make friends, being the outcast that he is, disliked by both orcish and humanoid societies. Luckily for Kutar, and unfortunately for the rest of Southfalcon, Jaina was not the only rape victim, letting Kutar find some friends among his half-orcish kin. Closest of all, he was good friends with a man of his age called Duder. Completely opposite of Kutar, Duder was more brain than brawn, yet somehow they were the greatest of friends.

Eventually Kutar grew sick of being an outcast, taking leave of his mother and venturing out to the nearby prairie, living a solitary life. It was here he had his first counter with monsters, namely harpies. During one of his later years in the prairie out alone, he noticed a prairie dog searching his belongings. Upon taking notice of Kutar, the prairie dog bolted away frightened, but was snatched by a harpy during its retreat. Although the rodent had just tried to ‘steal’ from him, Kutar could not let him be stolen by a harpy. With a mighty blow Kutar struck down the harpy before it could fly away, rescuing the prairie dog, muttering “Fucking harpies” as he pulled the lapin out of the harpy’s claws. Ever since that event Kutar and the prairie dog, named after his best friend Duder, have been thick as thieves, always travelling together and sharing tales together.

After close to a decade in the wilds, Kutar grew sick of living in the prairie, mostly because of the fucking harpies. Wanting to find a proper line of work, he took up adventuring, hoping to make the world a better place by ridding the world of harpy-like monsters throughout the lands. For even humans can sometimes be as foul as harpies.

Kutar Sherwood

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