Oluf Copperstout of Greybutter



Oluf Copperstout derives from a long and proud line of Greybutter farmers, originating from—would you know it—the city of Greybutter. Oluf has lived at a farm his entire life, mostly doing the work of churning the Greybutter while his sisters did most of the cow interaction. Oluf’s dedication to the churning profession has given him an almost inhumane, even indwarven strength, showcased by his staunch and muscular build.

Usually Oluf carries both a battle axe and a great axe with him, together with a typical dwarven oak shield. His armour covers his body well, but on closer inspection his tanned skin together with his off-white beard confirms his sunder dwarven heritage.

Always a curious person, Oluf ate everything he could find, but his favourite dish has always been, and will probably be Meerlandian crossaints with Greybutter, preferably downed with a tankard of ale. When Oluf became an adult, he made it his mission to find new recipes for use with Greybutter. This, along with him wanting to become a renowned warrior is what brought him to adventuring. Mostly the renowned warrior part.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard

Oluf Copperstout of Greybutter

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