Orvil Greystone



“If I were you I’d keep smiling, friend, while you still have your teeth.”

Orvil stands at a height of 172cms usually clad in mail armor and having most of his body protected. He’s a rather agile and nimble character if you take off the heavier armor, even with it on he proves to be a swift adversary.

His skin is pale and his hair takes on more of a rusty color. He’s rather built for his age, being 25, Orvil’s eyes matches the great seas of his homeland being a deep blue color. Seeming to lack a whole lot of scars for the amount of skirmishes and duels he’s thought in aside from the one running along his shoulder and through his torso which he received during an incident with his, now, ex-wife.

Hailing from Rhynydd he’d be a rather patriotic individual with a more rough personality to others. As he has little experience with working aside the other races of Irraglin, aside from Dwarves and the occasional group of Elves, he tends to care little for what he says about them. Frequently speaking his mind to others with much doubt that they’d oppose his opinion as that’s how it’s usually been for him.

Despite being a somewhat brutish and smug character he does have a joker side to him. Greatly enjoying the company of like-minded folk over a tankard of ale. You’ll find it rather hard to be on Orvil’s bad side unless of course you question his cooking and trigger some other odd switches of his… in basic he can take a joke and laugh at it as well. Finding ‘banter’ among a party of comrades to be healthy and what makes a journey memorable.

Raised among pirates, cutthroats and other grimdark characters of Rhynydd, Orvil didn’t live such a glorious life as the other sailors and members of the queen’s forces. Although this didn’t make him into any less of a patriotic person it did in fact form a deep hatred within Greystone’s soul towards “high and mighty characters” those who looked down on the common folk and spat on them.

In his life Orvil became rather quick at learning how to defend himself in such a rough environment. He’d have sparring lessons with his father and test what he had learned against his older brother. Luckily he had managed to become adept in the ways of swordsmanship before his brother and father went missing out at sea.

The two relatives missing being Orvil’s only real family he’d mourn for a good while, turning him into the person he is today. Soon enough he decided that a watery grave wasn’t the future he wanted and set off as a mercenary. The rush this new life had given him was more than enough for him to take it up full time, traveling and wandering either alone of with a party through out the lands in search of work, pay and action.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard

Orvil Greystone

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