Poldo Shadowbrew



Poldo could be described as a slightly psychopathic, egoistic Halfling thief, who puts a lot of weight on his image. In truth, all he wants is achievement and power, but he very cleverly disguises this by pretending to be an honest man doing good deeds.

Slightly psychopathic might be an understatement. Poldo used to have a wife named Trude, but one time she made a way too salty stew with duck nuggets inside—something that Poldo despises— so he decided to murder her on the sole basis of her mediocre cooking skills. Ever since this, Poldo has been looking for a new wife—one that can cook properly, and does not make duck nuggets—, this is in part the reasoning for him becoming an adventurer.

Visually, Poldo is an alright looking halfling, probably a 6/10 on the Espen-to-Magne scale of attractiveness. He is usually seen wearing baggy pants with a tunic that compliments his blonde hair, while draped in a cloak as red as his eyes. In combat he prefers to use a bow, but has no problem getting up and close with his dagger. When “off-duty”, Poldo is very fond of smoking his pipe and loves playing his flute anywhere and anytime.

~ Cedric, The Wandering Wizard

Poldo Shadowbrew

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