Community Size: Metropolis
Population: 131,003 Adults
Races: Human (51096); Dwarf (26,200); Elf (23,580); Halfling (9169); Half Elf (6549); Other (14,109)

Imports: Beets, Celery, Copper, Hide, Barley, Canaries, Dye, Potatoes, Spices, and Tapestries
Exports: Ale, Spirits, Books, Cloth, Tobacco, and Wheat
Famous: Night Life, Parties, Gambling, Artistry, Judicial System, Poetry, Dried Goods, Ingenuity, Nightwatch, Practical Jokes and Theatrics
Infamous: Rain, Farmers, Noise, and Wagons

Wards: 42
Buildings: 31,055
Power Centers: 9
Guilds: 367

Has Walls
Number of Gates: 9


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